A Well Maintained System Saves Money and Lasts Longer!

Most equipment breakdowns can be traced back to a lack of regularly scheduled maintenance. With a Native Air Commercial Service Agreement Plan, you will receive two full service inspections annually; one for the cooling season, and another for the heating season.

During these inspections, we follow a detailed procedure to evaluate and check your equipment. We record critical temperatures, pressures, and electrical readings during the inspections so that we can be assured your equipment is operating to the manufacturer’s specifications.

We use this information to troubleshoot and correct potential problems before they cause equipment failure. We also change unit filters at the time of the inspections, and can change them more frequently if you desire. 

To highlight a few key benefits of a Commercial Service Agreement - a 10% discount on all parts not covered under warranty, priority in scheduling emergency service, and regularly scheduled maintenance. With a Native Air Commercial Service Agreement, you know that we are close by when you need us; and an experienced, qualified technician is properly maintaining your HVAC equipment.

Items Checked During The Air Conditioning Inspection:

·         Observe unit operation

·         Tighten all electrical connections

·         Check condenser fan motor amps

·         Check supply voltage

·         Inspect and adjust belts and pulleys

·         Check refrigerant pressures; superheat/sub-cooling

·         Check filter cleanliness (replacement upon request)

·         Check ambient temperatures

·         Inspect compressor

·         Inspect breaker

·         Examine and lubricate fan and blower motors (if necessary)

·         Inspect Coil Cleanliness (Evaporator & Condenser)

·         Examine contactor points

·         Check relays and capacitors

·         Inspect hi/low pressure switch

·         Check calibration of thermostat(s)

·         Examine and lubricate bearings (if necessary)

·         Check for correct temperatures

·         Inspect drain line and pan

·         Flush drain

·         Check float switch

·         Treat draining system if necessary

Items Checked During the Heating Inspection:

·         Observe unit operation

·         Tighten all electrical connections

·         Check amperage of all motors

·         Check supply voltage

·         Inspect and adjust belts and pulleys

·         Inspect breakers

·         Check and replace filters

·         Examine and lubricate fan and blower motors (if necessary)

·         Check calibrations of thermostat(s)

·         Check for correct temperature rise

·         Examine heat elements

·         Check fuses

·         Inspect fan limit control

·         Clean pilot ignitor and thermocouple (if necessary)

·         Inspect gas connections and gas valve

·         Examine fan controls

·         Inspect burners/flame

·         Check limit pressure

·         Check gas pressure

·         Visual inspection of flue pipe

·         Examine and lubricate bearings (if necessary)

·         If unit is a heat pump, all items listed for air conditioning inspection will be completed for heat inspection

Terms and Conditions:

For our Service Agreement Customers, Native Air will provide a qualified technician to inspect your heating and cooling system twice each year; one inspection solely for the cooling system typically in the spring, and one inspection solely for the heating system typically in the fall. These inspections are not guaranteed to be pre-season inspections, however, you may call anytime to have the inspection scheduled at your convenience.  Native Air will make every effort to contact you to schedule the inspections. If they are unable to make contact with you after a reasonable effort, including a telephone call and email, that inspection will be voided and is non-refundable.

It should be understood that all inspections are done during normal working hours between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Emergency repairs and after hours repairs are available to you as a priority customer. Under extreme circumstances, after hours inspections or Saturday morning inspections can be scheduled if absolutely no other alternative is available.

Additional Terms and Conditions:

        These agreements do not cover any service required due to lack of fuel.

    While this agreement covers all functional components for the air conditioner and heating equipment, it does not cover ductwork, structural supports, or other sheet metal components that may deteriorate due to corrosion or rust.

        While this agreement covers the labor for the two system inspections, it does not completely cover the labor for breakdowns, repairs, or visits.

        Repairs necessitated by fire, floods, acts of God, or the improper use of the equipment will be the sole responsibility of the owner and not covered by this agreement.

        This agreement does not cover or allow any warranty in respect to indoor air quality.

       Any repairs, alterations, additions, or adjustments made by others, unless authorized by this contractor, will be cause to terminate our obligation under this agreement or make appropriate repairs at our normal service rates.

        No service will be rendered under the conditions of this agreement if the account is 30 days past due.